Winterization of Above Ground Pool Liners

Above ground pool liners

Above ground pool liners can easily be damaged especially during winter season. In this case, you may want to find ways how to protect this pool part in order to prevent you from the much higher expense that may cost if it will be damaged or destroyed. Thus, winterizing the above ground of the swimming pool becomes the answer to this problem. It is mainly done to protect the above ground liners from the freezing water. Also, it is also performed to make sure or to make it possible for your pool be maintained clean for the upcoming next season. However, you always have a choice to properly close your swimming pool during this season for it can save a lot of effort, work and time especially if you planned to open the pool when summer time comes.

Above ground pool liners

Few First Steps Of Winterization

First, you have to assure yourself that the water chemistry of your pool is balanced. It has to make sure that calcium hardness, total alkalinity and pH are all balanced. Through this balancing method, you are actually protecting the above ground pool decks surface from etching and staining. You may also want to add some winterizing chemical kits directly to the water for it can help the water maintain is cleared and its blue color. But make sure that you follow the instructions of the manufacturers when applying the kit. Never used floater that usually consists of strong oxidizer like bromine and chlorine because floaters has the ability to stick to the wall and can leave stains to your wall especially if you are using a vinyl liner. Also, you must not throw bromine and chlorine tablets into the pool because it will directly suspended at the bottom and will damage the surface of the pool.

Steps To Protect Above Ground Pool Liners From Freezing WaterAbove ground pool liners

Always consider that when water solidifies, it usually expands. When it expands, it has the capacity to bring great damage to the above ground pool, filter system and pool plumbing. If you really planned to close the above ground pool, you must make sure that you protect the pool from freeze damage. Aside from that, you should assure yourself that the water level of the pool is below the skimmer mouth because of not, when the water freezes, it increases in size and has the capacity to reach the skimmer throat. If that happens, it can easily damage the pool especially if the water freezes in that area.

Above ground pool liners should not be taken for granted during the winter season especially if you still want to use it properly during summer. When winter is about to come, do the mentioned techniques mentioned above before realizing that frozen water has already destroyed your swimming pool. Do not let this incident be a lesson to you for you can learn ahead instead from mistakes only. Just always expect the worst for you can always prepare yourselves for whatever will happen in the future.