Chlorine Pool Vs. Salt Water Pool Offers Strong Pool Competition

Salt water pool

Salt water pool vs. chlorine pool is the most recent competition coming out this summer. There are several activities that are refreshing during this hot summer season than jumping into the swimming pool. Though chlorinated pools are the industry standard with regards to pool installation, many people have already acknowledged salt water pool as one of their viable options. In general, chlorine pools are using costly chlorine tablets or chlorine power for sanitation. On the other hand, salt water pools are producing their own chlorine with the help of the chlorine generator cell.

Salt water pool

Maintaining Water Quality

Salt water pool vs. chlorine pool seems to own more popular in the future especially because both pools have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Basically, the pool type that a person will install depends on his needs. However, since salt water pools are undergoing an increase with regards to the amount of benefits, it becomes a viable pool choice to invest in. Basically, salt water pool makes sure that it maintains the water quality. In fact, it advocates the point to keep the positive pH of the pool water. Maintaining in positive pH helps the swimmer to reduce swelling, pain and red eyes that can sometimes come from swimming into a heavily-chlorinated pool. In addition, this pool type uses chlorine generators. It produces its own salt as its sanitizing action.

Some wise pool owners and caretakers wanted to ensure water quality on its own, therefore, they still manually monitor water balance. This means that they test chlorine levels and water pH in regular manner. Remember that failure to treat problems regarding water balance may result to algae and bacteria blooms which later forces the chlorine generator to work harder. In this situation, burning of the cell sooner is at high possibility.

Maintenance Expenses

Salt water pool vs. chlorine pool also focuses on maintenance cost. Pool expenses do not start and end with cost installation. In fact, chlorine swimming pool costs hundreds of dollars for chemical maintenance every year. On the other hand, owners of salt water pools avoid these huge costs because the chlorine generator makes chlorine coming from salt particles. However, remember that salts are extremely corrosive. Professionals report that this type of system damages nearby furniture, decking, concrete and ladders. In this case, though you save money for chemical expenses, you may spend more on replacing the damaged equipment’s and pool parts.

Salt water pool

Converting To Salt Water Pool

Switching to salt water pool requires the installation of chlorine generator. Most often, pool owners ask pool professionals to perform the installation process because they strongly believe that it can be well performed by a professional. At most of the time, professionals give the pool owners the idea of comparing the salt water pool cost and chlorine pool cost especially with regards to chemical expenses. In addition, pool owners may look for contact references in order to make sure that they find reliable companies that supply pool equipment’s and parts. In this way, you can ensure that all the equipment’s and pool surfaces are able to hold on even with long hours of exposure to air and to salt water. Though this system has chlorine generator, you can still accompany it with additional chlorine tablets in order to help the chlorine generator performance.